PROBAN® POLYMER is the name given to the flame retardant polymer produced in the Rhodia PROBAN® process.

General Statement
PROBAN® POLYMER is a high molecular weight, highly cross-linked insoluble polymeric flame retardant for textiles.
PROBAN® POLYMER is manufactured in-situ within cotton and cotton-polyester fabrics with THPC Chemistry.
Solvay licenses its customers & a licence can only be obtained if the customer agrees to operate the process according to Rhodia’s technical and health, safety and environmental requirements.

Uses and Applications
PROBAN® is a flame retardant for cotton and polyester-cotton fabrics.
PROBAN® finished fabric is used in protective work wear and sleepwear markets and meets regulatory flame retardant standards in terms of ignitability following repeated wash cycles.The PROBAN® POLYMER gives the required properties in terms of Flame retardant performance, durability (following washing or dry cleaning) and softness to touch.
The inert PROBAN® POLYMER is insoluble and provides consistent flame retardancy over 100 washes and for some applications 200 washes.


Size: XS / S / M / L / XL / 2XL / 3XL / 4XL

Colour: Red, Orange, Blue, Green , Yellow


  • FR two-way brass zipper
  • Two large double-stiched cargo pockets on
  • Two radio loops above chest pockets
  • One pen-pocket with flap-on hidden fasteners
  • Double-stiched seams for enhanced durability
  • Elastics waist
  • Available in types: PROBAN® or NOMEX® III A
  • FR reflective strips, logos and nametags are optional